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24 February 2017

More Twitter updates – Taking Customer Service to the next level

It’s no secret that Twitter is fast becoming the go-to tool for customers to contact businesses and for businesses to in turn use it to deliver awesome customer service but their latest update could well see them crowned as the customer service tool kings.

According to Twitter’s own reports, most customer service requests submitted on social media platforms take the form of tweets but Twitter’s latest update now allows staff from businesses and brands to respond to direct messages using custom profiles. This means that when a staff member responds to a customer, their name and profile picture will now be displayed rather than the company’s.

For years T-Mobile set the bar for providing positive customer interactions on Twitter by using customers’ real names and agents’ initials in tweets – something many brands have since adopted.  But this new Twitter feature goes one step even further by adding an extra level of personalisation. As Twitter’s first partner for the initiative, T-Mobile adopted the custom profiles feature last year but over the next few months we may well see more and more businesses following suit.



The popular social media platform says that personalised experiences with a human element create significant business benefits. Their research shows that 77% of people are more likely to recommend a brand following personalised Twitter interaction. As well as this, people are 19% more likely to feel like they’ve reached a resolution and 22% are more likely to be satisfied following human based Twitter interaction compared to those who have had impersonal interactions with a business on Twitter.

In short - the more personal, the better!


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However, despite the introduction of this feature, Twitter is still not giving up on the automated response tools launched last year. Instead, businesses are now able to use a mixture of the new custom profiles and automated response to ensure that their response time to customers remains prompt to keep up with current consumer rapid response expectations.

Although the new feature is still in private beta at this stage, businesses can try the custom profiles in direct messages by registering here. The only requirement is that the business has a verified handle.

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