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17 November 2016

Instagram makes moves into e-commerce

I’m pretty confident that I don’t need to explain to anyone reading this what Instagram is. If I do, I’m guessing you have either been trapped on an island for a very long time or confused your phone with a potato, and for either of those reasons you have my sympathy (depending what kind of island you were trapped on).

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16 November 2016

What is Social Listening?

Before you freak out and delete all your social media apps and messages, burn your clothes and run away to live in a forest to become a wooden spoon whittler… this is not some MI5, NSA, CIA or FBI style stalking and monitoring exercise (or did they just pay me to say that?)

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21 October 2016

Welcome the Era of Infotainment

That’s right, Infotainment. It’s no surprise that consumers are becoming increasingly inattentive to advertisements and marketing, especially in an age of swipes and scrolls.

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