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04 July 2016

Avengers Tower: Virtual reality at its finest

Last month bcsAgency attended the first ever Media Production Show at the Business Design Centre in Islington.

The event showcased a unique blend of different forms for content creation across many different mediums such as TV, Film and the Advertising sectors. 

One of the main focal points of the show was to look at how technology has changed the way we watch content.

Picture1-6.pngImage Source: Framestorevr


The highlight for us was seeing Andrew Daffy’s seminar - VR in the real world: What makes great content. For those that don’t know, Daffy is a leading VR director who broke into the industry in 1996 working as a Junior Animator for Framestore. He’s a huge influencer in the industry and is adapting and evolving with technology to create high quality compelling content.

And that’s exactly what VR is, isn’t it? Compelling content. Daffy went on to discuss the importance of establishing a sense of presence with the user and grounding them within the virtual world. It’s an emotional process and many of those who are not used to the tech are unware of its interactivity. The immersive experience often leaves its user emotionally affected and even Daffy found that his first participation with VR completely changed the way he thought about content. It left him stunned into a daze with thoughts of how he could process his video ideas into ones that would suit virtual reality.

He also pinpointed the absolute necessity of quality sound and binaural recording to create the sensation for the user that they are within the environment they’re viewing. We were also given the opportunity of looking through a Gear VR headset, and believe us when we say, it was a whole new experience. Daffy and his team, fortunately for us all, had also figured out how to combat virtual reality nausea. He tackled this horrible feeling many people have experienced by creating a line of action which subconsciously forces you to follow a path.


Check it out for yourself at Framestorevr

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