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18 July 2016

Could Facebook’s New Algorithm Ruin Their Relationship With Brands?

A few weeks ago Facebook announced that it would be changing the algorithm it uses meaning it will prioritise posts on your News Feed from family and friends over other pages you follow.This shift is directly aligned with their ethos for maintaining a principle of connecting people with their friends and family and could spell good news for regular Facebook users but does it spell trouble for businesses and marketers?

Facebook is incredibly switched on when it comes to listening to its community and making sure it gives them the best user experience they can. They have stated that “friends and family comes first, and our news feeds should serve as a platform for all ideas and digital space for authentic communication that the user controls."


Lars Backstrom, Engineering Director at Facebook, said in a recent blog announcement, "We’ve heard from our community that people are still worried about missing important updates from the friends they care about. For people with many connections this is particularly important, as there are a lot of stories for them to see each day."

Facebook has warned businesses and marketers that as a result of this new algorithm, they might start to see a decline in reach and referral traffic. This could highly affect brands that rely solely on directing traffic to their site through Facebook. However if your business falls under this category, don’t panic!

This change will mainly impact pages with small advertising budgets and small businesses that don’t have an ad budget. Facebook has recommended that Page owners add targeting to a paid campaign and that they take advantage of boosted posts. But companies that don’t have the ad spend could lose out if they are not careful.

As with each new announcement of changes to the popular social media platform, there is always an element of uncertainty but with some careful planning and a well thought out social media strategy, businesses should not notice too much of a change to their traffic stats.

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