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01 April 2016

Cue eye rolling - it's April Fools' Day!

So unless you’ve been asleep all morning, it would have been pretty hard to avoid the fact that the internet seems even more untrustworthy than usual. It’s the time to laugh, roll your eyes and to wade through 'funny' emails and cleverly-disguised texts, all before realising you perhaps shouldn’t have laughed so openly at someone's engagement announcement on Facebook.

From brilliant spoof news stories to cringeworthy corporate social media content, our news feeds are saturated with them! It’s difficult to identify which brands aren’t piggy-backing April Fools ’ Day activity; from Honda’s emoji license plates and Pimm’s securing a deal to sponsor Big Ben’s clock face, to Deliveroo’s telepathic ordering app and Ikea’s WI-FI toilet brushes.

April Fools’ Day is Big-Business for brands

April Fools’ Day is a great opportunity for brands to showcase their personalities - so much so, that the day has essentially been taken over by them, but what happens when pranks go wrong?

Google is facing fierce backlash from its April Fools’ prank. The internet giant added a "Mic Drop" button to its Gmail service, positioning it right next to the send button. According to Google, it allows you to have "the last word on any email" by replying with a Minions gif and ensuring you don't receive any replies in return.

However, just a few hours after it was launched, Google disabled this feature, after facing a backlash from users, some of whom accidentally insulted friends, angered colleagues and even lost jobs!



In a statement, Google said: "Well, it looks like we pranked ourselves this year."

So what happens to the real news on April 1?

Today (April 1), David Cameron announced his “pride” in bringing in the long-awaited National Living Wage. However, the announcement was immediately dismissed as an April Fools’ Day joke. The unfortunately-timed tweet was sent from the Prime Minister’s official account as the UK woke up to the annual inundation of fake news stories and pranks.


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