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01 April 2016

Facebook change the 20% text rule

We have all been in the annoying position where Facebook has denied a sponsored post or advert due to it having more than 20% text on the image.  The frustration is real, the image and text look great and now you have to get it re-designed to keep Facebook happy.  DENIED!


On the 22nd March 2016 Facebook implemented a new policy where it no longer used a 20% text rule. I know what you are thinking, “YES, AT LAST” but don’t jump up and down just yet… Facebook has broken down images with text on them into 4 categories:

Image text: OK
Image text: Low
Image text: Medium
Image text: High

Facebook adverts that have little to no text will have a more successful delivery rate than adverts with medium to high levels of text.  So yes, Facebook will take your ad spend budget and put through posts with high levels of text, but the success rate of these posts will be low.



Is this going to see social media marketers trying to add large ad budgets to posts to try and get a decent engagement and reach levels? Or will this not change anything? Let us know what you think by Tweeting us @bcsagency

You can read Facebook's full information on the new policy at: