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20 September 2016

Important changes to Twitter's Character Limit

Back in May we blogged about how Twitter had announced that it would be changing the character limit for tweets that included photos, videos, GIFs and other media.



Yesterday Twitter finally announced that media such as photos, videos and GIFs will no longer take up 23 characters. Copywriters and marketers rejoice! You have 23 whole new characters to use. Treat yourself!

With Videos and GIFs becoming more and more popular across the social media world, it was a sensible decision for Twitter to make. By adapting their platform to cater for current social trends it ensures that Twitter will remain a firm favourite for many. Over the coming months Twitter will also be testing out the removal of ‘@‘ Twitter handle replies from the Tweet count which will really help brands who engage with their followers regularly. 

There were some early indications which suggested that Twitter would also be removing URLs from the Tweet count. This hasn’t come into play just yet but I’m sure it is something to keep an eye on as Twitter changes and adapts to give its users a better experience. 

Will this extra character limit increase Twitter’s user engagement? Will this see you use Twitter in a different way? Personally I think this is a big step for Twitter in the great battle between the top social media platforms. They have always been very strict on the 140 character limit and although they have made this slight change, I love the fact that they have stuck to this key feature in principle, despite the growing pressure from other competing social media platforms. However, this new subtle change should now give marketers that little bit more freedom to get even more creative and to engage more with followers. 

 On behalf of myself and every Twitter user EVER, thank you Twitter! 


How will you be using those extra characters now at your disposal? Tweet us @bcsagency and let us know your thoughts.

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