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03 October 2016

A little brand personality goes a long way

This may come as a surprise but putting our users in a good mood can actually influence their ability to solve problems, recall memories and make decisions.

All of which will help them to use the interfaces that we design. It's all to do with the chemicals that are released in our brains when we are in a positive state that can affect the efficiency of thinking and problem solving.

So how do we make our users smile? Humour is the obvious answer but humour will only be positive if used in the right context, as in real life! Personality is really what we should be thinking about in our designs. We keep our friends because of their personalities and the same goes for the brands that we associate ourselves with.

Building a strong brand personality can help…

  • Convey your brand’s message 
    The tone of your brand helps establish a consistent message to your consumers and creates lasting relationships.
  • Set the tone for your brand 
    A distinct tone of voice helps consumers establish a relationship with your brand as they identify with the personality, not just the product.
  • Differentiate you from your competition
    A strong personality sets your brand apart from the competition and helps you connect with a passionate audience.
  • Communicate good traits about your brand
    Should your brand be perceived as trustworthy? Rough and ready? Inspiring? Communicating the right personality traits can build customer confidence.
  • Form emotional attachments and build brand loyalty
    Consumers are more likely to identify with brands that they perceive to resemble themselves. Your brand personality can captivate and impassion users who will become brand evangelists.

By designing personal, emotional messages we can shape positive memories of a brand that encourage users to stick around, tell their friends and really shout about a product they love.

Companies should carefully consider who they are and create a brand persona that reflects that.

How brand personalities can help to market your brand better

Earlier in the year we worked with Inferno Pizza, who chose to open their first restaurant in Nottingham. A huge part of our work involved building a strong social presence through a casual tone of voice, kickass imagery and an unstoppable personality!



We worked to create a tone of voice that was edgy and fearless yet down to earth and fun. 

A great place to play and develop your brand personality is through social channels. Personality plays an important role in our decision-making within our social circles, which is why it can be such a powerful design tool. It’s important to monitor which social posts are most popular and use this knowledge to refine your marketing strategies.

Here’s what the team conjured up for National Pizza day which happened to fall on the same day as Shrove Tuesday…


To read more about our work with Inferno, why not take a look at our Inferno case study.