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05 October 2016

Using twitter for Customer Services just got a little bit better

Just when you thought Twitter was done with all its updates this year, they unleash another one which could change the world of customer services as we know it.

This latest update is purely aimed at business profiles and response time but builds on Twitter’s plans to become the number one platform for customers to contact businesses.

In 2015 Socialbakers reported that Facebook had a better response rate than Twitter. It discovered that 20% of questions to business profiles on Twitter received a response whereas Facebook business pages received a whopping 60% response rate on average. 

Even though Facebook has implemented chat bots and artificial intelligence to messenger to help out all businesses large and small, more than 80% of you still take to Twitter to talk directly with a brand. 

This recent update is one of the most recent steps Twitter has taken in shifting more towards helping business pages grow. Over recent years, Twitter has struggled with growing its user base but surprisingly, customer service questions have grown 2.5 times over the past two years.  

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, said: "We’ve always seen a huge appetite for customer service, whether that be praising brands or complaining about a particular service, where a brand can actually turn around a conversation completely." He also said on an earnings call in October of last year: "We think there’s a lot of potential to make this a whole lot easier."

As of now business will be able to publicly display their average response time and hours of availability. This is a feature which you will undoubtedly be familiar with on Facebook, but it is also a great feature to aid better engagement with your audience. A good response time will show your audience you care about their thoughts, feedback or complaints and are happy to deal with them on a personal level. Twitter's direct message button will also be getting enlarged too to make it even easier for you to contact followers. 

Finally, businesses will be able to choose a ‘provides support indicator' which will show when users are searching for an account and let them know which profiles are dedicated profiles for customer support or profiles where support can be directly received. 

For instance...

How are your response times on Twitter? Would you happily have them displayed for the world to see?

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