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23 May 2016

Is Twitter Set To Change The 140 Character Limit?

We all know the far too familiar feeling of composing that perfect tweet, adding in an image, a link and a perfectly witty hashtag, only to be hit with the devastating news that you are over the 140 character limit. Now comes the challenge of re-working the tweet to make it still sound good in just a handful of characters.


The 140 character limit has been a point of discussion for as long as it’s been in play. Some people love that you are limited and have to tactfully think about copy, whereas others crave the freedom to express themselves free of word caps and constraints.

If you belong to the second category of tweeters, then fear not. Change is afoot. Twitter has been playing around with different ways in which it can give users more flexibility when tweeting. 

It has been rumored and reported that Twitter is soon to make a small development which will give its users more valuable characters to play with. Under these changes, Twitter is set to stop counting photos and links within the 140-character limit. This would mean an extra 27 characters to add to your tweets.


In the past, users adopted all sorts of methods to get the most out of their tweets. These methods included screenshotting longer text articles and sending multiple tweets which can be time consuming and downright annoying.

This isn’t the first time Twitter has made a change like this. You may remember how not too long ago they scrapped the 140 character limit in Direct Messages all in the hopes of giving its users more freedom. Now these changes will mean yet more freedom for Twitter’s 310 million users.

The new update is set to come into play within the next few weeks and could be one of many updates coming to Twitter in the coming months with rumours of the next change revolving around Twitter’s plans to focus heavily on video. Be sure to check back for even more updates in due course.

Now the serious question… What are you going to do with those extra 27 characters? #TwitterHasJustGotEvenBetter. Just a suggestion. Who knows, might catch on?! 

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